Dead Space

22 11 2008

Dead Space

Normally I stay away from scary/horror games, even if I’m really interested and want to play them. Typically I enjoy being scared, but not so much those types of games because the creators are usually pretty devious and know how to craft some terrifying moments. Dead Space, from EA, was no different. I basically forced myself to play it a little because I was really digging the things I’d seen about it. I played it on PC, but stopped after some technical issues.

Aini got it on Xbox 360 and forced me to play with her, because she, like me, is a huge scaredy cat when it comes to scary games. We would voice chat on MSN while playing the same parts of the game at the same time half a world away. It was the first time I’ve ever done something like that and it worked surprisingly well. I’d say we played “co-op” except for the fact that she would often have me enter a new deadly room and discover all the “ah, shit!” and “omgomgomg!” moments before she’d enter knowing what to expect because of it being my job to describe them all. Thus, this awesome pic was created by Aini.

A typical moment when we played together.

A typical moment when we played together.

After playing for about 3 hours straight on a late Friday night, I had to take a break from all the horror I was forced to endure. Aini, usually fairly frightened by horror games as well, summoned the courage to keep going without me. Well, without me playing before her. She still stayed on the mic so I could hear all her scared yelps and cries. She ended up finishing the game way before me, and I was very proud of her! Luckily I retained a lot of her hints and tips when I got the 360 version from my friend and caught up quickly to where I stopped on PC. Even though I let Aini ruin many of the big turning points in the game for me, I still enjoyed playing it myself through to the end. Unfortunately I had to often play alone without someone to keep me company, so I’m fairly proud of myself for finishing it. I’m normally a huge wuss when it comes to these types of games (I made my old roomate watch me play through the entirety of Resident Evil 4 for example).

DS 01


The graphics in the game are amazing, and the detail of the world and story they created really shined through. The battle system was really innovative in that it forced you to slow your enemies down and de-limb them rather than pumping bullet after bullet into their bodies like other games. This added a fair amount of strategy in stressful situations, but the ability to use an ability to slow them down and “freeze” them helped out a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. There wasn’t a lot of boring backtracking, and the times when it was used made perfect sense. After awhile though I began to hate my comrades who continually bossed my poor character around the entire game. “Hey Isaac, thanks for turning the air purifier back on, but can you get the engines started?” “Thanks for the engine work! How about getting gravity restored?” “Man, sure is great having gravity… But could you wash my car now? Thanks, dude!” But … overall, fun times. I’m glad Aini made me play with her. ❤


Piano Harp thing!

25 07 2008

Thanks to Ayaa I could get a code for a Harpsichord!

Its like super pretty :3 and fits well into my mh wich is somewhat empty T_T it looked so pretty before my mom took all my shit but yeah. It seems ike its slowly filling up again though :p Ill take another picture if i catch it makin music again because i missed to take a screen while it did so :/!

Aria’s magic

13 07 2008

Okay I decided I will post a bit about some anime and mangas ive read recently since I barely play FFXI anymore right now :3

For a good start I will start with Aria the Animation, the Natural, the Origination 

Akari and the Company Cats
Akari and the Company Cats


Aria the Animation is the first season of 3 that slowly tells the story of the Undine Akari and her goal to become a Prima. The story takes place in the early twenty-fourth century, in the city of Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua – formerly Mars, which was renamed after being terraformed into a habitable planet covered in oceans. Neo-Venezia, based on Venice in both architecture and atmosphere, is a harbor city of narrow canals instead of streets, traveled by unmotorized gondolas.

Akari has the gift of making friends very easily. Shes always very friendly and naive and often so sentimental that she crys when she is happy. She encounters many different people such as the little girl Ai. After that she emails Ai every day. She also finds friends from the other Undine companys Himeya and Orange Planet. She also experiences a bunch of magical events but shhh about thoose ;3

I must admit I’ve never watched a calming Anime like this before. Whenever I watched this I wondered how peaceful and nice life could be. It also helped me fall asleep super quick for the past 3 weeks I think lol. at the end of the third season I cried for about 1 hour non stop :I But the end of the series is really sweet >w< I wish there was another season seriously! I can really recommend this Anime ~ its gorgeus!


24 06 2008

amazing that I am Monk 75 for a year now and still didnt have one until today, thanks to Ayaa that I have one now because I dont do limbus or make money ;_; i sook lol anyways this type of screenshot cracks me up but he demanded me to take one even if i am on xbox lol so I took this with my cam c_c

 Thanks to Ayaa again >_< you rock so much iunno what else to say ;_;

Blargh ~ still alive!

15 06 2008

Well well well! Real life has been slapping me right into my little face, Ive been to a rock festival, drove a lot of practise hours for my drivers license and celebrated my 18th birthday!

LilisetteJust today Ive been playin ffxi again :3 Did some dericious sky with a byakko wipe a la carte~ -_- it was frustrating, i even dragged Ayaa with me to fight it. The people in my parents sky ls are all kind of noobish and shit happens. this was the second byakko wipe this month, im pretty sure the LS morale is -50 now lol. But I am actually more worried about destroying Ayaa’s mood ;( stuff like that makes him all sad!

After that we went to do the newly added missions! Oyoyoyoy I’m not going to spoil anything but the quality of the CS’s is so fuckin awesome now >_< they are mind~blowing cool! Lilisette is freakin cute ;_; even though I dont liek her! Ayaa was too much over her =_=) yush lol Kinda sad they only added such few things mission wise ;( After the bc i asked Ayaa whats next and all he had to say was “thats it for now” lol neways yeah I really cant wait for additional Missions >_< So so so so interesting!

I also did some campaign on my PLD, I need to evaluate ;_; so tiring~  Also the lowered points for Aegis scream I are frustrating, very very frustrating  >_< seeing how you used to get 500~700 you get only 250 now meh whatever~ I just have a huge paranoia of the other Aegis Scream missions because if your dead at the end of one you dont get any points at all :/ so so so frustrating huff!

Well besides doing nothing I just tried to get more used to making gif’s lol… as I am plastering them all over this blog entry <_< you can see im still super noob with them 😀 But I’m trying to learn ;(

Neways thats it for now~

Rawr ~ Albatross 18

28 05 2008

I’m hella bored at the moment and took some screens for Ayaa of it so I mite as well use thoose screens here for some dandy talking :3
Oh my ~ I havent played Albatross 18 in a while due to me sucking at it lol. Last year I always managed to grab a few ffxi friends that played it with me wich was really entertaining! for example Kinto ended up throwing his cellphone against the wall cause he kept missing the hole :3 neways Albatross 18 is a golf game a very cutesy one too! Its hella tricky and gets boring quick if you dont have skills (like me) and no friends that play that game too. You can also get really angry or frustrated >_> I recall bursting into tears after using some expensive items and keep missing haha :3
 There are different characters you can play, either a male or female scout at the start and then you can either buy astros with real money or play the game till you have a ridiculous amount of “cookies” – the ingame money. I played really long once when there was a double cookie event so I managed to get myself a Kooh character 😀 I love her! Shes all Loli and cute!!!  I also bought me some Astros back then to dress her all sporty~ X3 i luv it!

I also saw some pics of the Korean Albatross18 thats called Pangya and they had wedding dresses :O! I wanted the one for Kooh but they never hat it on the english one ;_; WELL! UNTIL I SAW THE LATEST UPDATE TODAY! 

I instantly opened albatross 18 and got the newest patchez and logged on to storm into the Shop and buy the whole friggen set with the Astros Ayaa got me as present half a year ago (<3thankyouagain<3) I HORDED THEM JUST FOR THIS DRESS ;_;


So now excuse me for spamming some adorable screens of my Kooh wearing her cute dress! >:3

kinky game :< the blue doesnt even match with the dress!



Slowly goin’…

28 05 2008

Not many exciting things have been happening in the world of FFXI for Ayaa. Did some sky, a few gods and a few triggers last Wednesday. I finally got my good friend Angelyss a pair of Byakko’s Haidate, so I was glad to get it done, even though I was stressing out. We also did a Suzaku that dropped mainly crap, but it’s another seal towards another Kirin. We have nearly 3 different sets ready to go, but with our linkshell’s waning interest in most aspects of our activities it may be difficult to take him down again. We had a good run too, 4/4 on our last Kirins. But we’ve lost a few key people/jobs and to get it done again, I’m sure I’d have to call in some favors here and there. We’ll see… Frustrating. I want to get items for my friends, but I’m getting pretty tired of leading and constantly barking orders at people.


In happier news, Aini’s PLD is already level 61! She’s got her full AF armor on and looks really cool. Never thought I’d see Aini wearing full PLD AF, but hey, miracles do happen! When she started it up at level 21, I never thought she’d take it past 30 without getting bored of it and finding something else to level or spend time on. I’m proud she’s sticking with it, because she’s doing it just to help our her sky linkshell due to lack of Paladins. Really cool! Keep it up!